Online Sudies : Top 7 Educational Platforms To Learn Online While At Home For Cameroonians

These educational platforms mostly created by elderly students aims at helping students in Cameroon to study while at home and teachers to hold classes online.

During this period which classes have been suspended  to stem the spread of the Corona Virus in Cameroon, most schools, teachers students and parents  are now  switching to E-Learning which is not easy for some who don't know which websites to go to. That is why CAMGIST is here today to show you a list of online educational sites in Cameroon.

 A List Of Some Educational Digital Platforms For Online Studies

1) TEFA-AFRIK (Targeted Eduction For All Africa)
Join our e-learning community of highly devoted professionals, students, engineers, doctors, teachers, lecturers and assure your success in the Cameroon GCE Advanced Level.

2) Ohipopo online learning platform

Created by a young Cameroonian  from the North West region, this online learning platform helps students study whatever they can study in School at home through their phones,tablets
or Computers.
This website is not limited to the classroomas the platform also helps cameroonians to learn languages both native and international.
The platform also provides interactive lessons for kids to learn.

2) EduAir.

It is a platform created by a young Cameroonian startupper  which allow internet users  with or without an internet connection to remotely access quality educational and cultural content originating from the best sources.
The box  has a collaborative private cloud that allow students and teachers to write documents as a work team to facilitate exchanges and academic research.


Created in 2019 by a Cameroonian, Sims is an innovative cross platform for  students, teachers and  school administrators which helps to identify ,create and connect all learner’s with the ressources and tools needed to reach their full education and career potential even without internet or smartphones.

4) Tree house:
This platform focus on technical courses and development and is accessible for students of all races,genders and socio-economic backgrounds.


It is a platform for students and teachers. Here there are educative talks, discussions between students and teachers on topics taught in the group.


This learning  platform in French is for secondary schools. It focus on English language and  literature
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