GCE 2020/2021 - Preparing for the Cameroon GCE

Preparing for an examination like the GCE can prove to be challenging to you as a student if you don't have resources like Gce question papers and more. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to prepare for the GCE 2021 Exams so that you become successful in the GCE exams.
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Many times, students fail the GCE not because they didn't do what other students do like Solving past question papers or maybe attending extra classes. It's just because of a lack of some orientation. I hope you'll learn from this article so you don't make such mistakes.


Below are a few tips that will guide you towards having good grades at the GCE 2021.


Just by knowing the structure of an examination, you are already ahead of the other students. According to statistics, students who answer past GCE question papers usually have good grades at the GCE. There are lots of sources where you can find past Gce questions.
At https://tefaafrik.com/SCHOOL/GCE/, you can find past GCE question papers with solutions in video format that explain each GCE question and answer. It can be a great resource for you to use for preparations.
However, if you are going to get past question papers for GCE, make sure you have already studied your book. It always proves more effective to study alongside your GCE question papers.
All of this will lead you to success in the GCE 2021 examinations. 

2. Choosing the Right series.

a. GCE O-Level

At the GCE O-Level, you should strive to do all subjects that will give you a good combination at the advanced level. Whether you are in the arts series or the science series, you're subjects should reflect what you will do at the Advancved level.

b. GCE A-Level

unlike the GCE O-Level, the Gce advanced level is more specialised. Therefore in this case, you should choose the subjects that will permit you to get the best number of points. Its better having 3A grades at A-Level than to have 5 C grades.
At the a-Levels, you have to also make use of past GCE question papers and solutions.

3. Ask questions to teachers

One effective way of learning is by asking questions. In order to be successful at the GCE 2020/021, you should ensure that you ask all your worries for all subjects to the respective teachers.
If your teacher isn't available, no problem. You can visit www.tefaafrik.com and create a free account. There, you can ask questions to teachers and get their repies.

Preparing for the GCE 2021 isnt hard after all. If you just follow all the above tips and more, you will surely pass the GCE 20201. To recap,

  1. Answer past GCE question papers
  2. Chose the right series
  3. Ask questions and worries regarding the GCE to your teachers. 
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